Introducing Kinder Airlines


Ciao friend,

My name is Davide and I'm one of Kinder World's editors. This week, I'm taking over the newsletter from Deniz to make a special announcement: we're launching Kinder Airlines.

Yes, you heard it right. Our own air carrier is starting operations very soon. We felt that we needed to diversify our revenue stream and there were some cut-rate Boing 737 MAX on the black market...

Well, sort of. "Kinder Airlines" is the umbrella name for all the initiatives that we will introduce over the next couple of months to build up to our second Kinder Conversation that will be on "How to travel green - Airplanes and climate change". The event will be held in June. We don't have a specific date yet but we will announce it soon, so stay tuned!

The reason we chose this topic is that aviation pollution is quickly becoming a problem of paramount importance. If predicted cuts in other sectors materialize, UN data project that aviation is on track to become the single biggest emitter of carbon dioxide within three decades. Hooray!

 Meanwhile, here you can find five handpicked links to start thinking about the issue of aviation pollution and possible ways to solve it:  

Bonus track:

  • In all of this, VistaJet announces a "Private Jets for Pets" program. The offer will include an amenity kit for pets and flower essences to mix with pets’ drinking water to aid relaxation during the flight. [Luxury Travel Advisor] 

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