It works with boards on different topics/ owned by different teams.

Most boards are divided in lists that look similar to this:

Longlist - Working on it this week - Needs help - On hold - Done

But it can be done in a completely different way as well, whatever suits the purpose of the board best.

When your name is added to one of the cards you’ll know you are (partly) responsible for getting that card in the Done list.

In a card you can add:

  • Members (other people who work on it with you)

  • Labels (indicates the status of the task or the team that it’s for)

  • Checklists (lets you make a to do list within your card)

  • Expiration dates / deadlines

  • Links to Google drive, or other documents

You can also add comments about the task.

When the bell in the upper right corner is red, you’ve got a notification.

Notifications about changes in boards you’re a member of are sent to your email as well. You can change this in settings. The menu window will pop up when you click on your profile picture. You can also find the folder ‘Cards’ there. This page gives you an overview of all the cards and boards you’re in.