Explained: Kinder Cause Areas


What is a cause?

In our evaluation framework, we specify a cause area(s) each charity is active in. We define “cause” as ‘’a particular set of problems’’, a concern, or opportunities that a charity is working on. 

At Kinder, we have decided to have 13 different cause areas (shown in the following figure). In our database, we have charities that are active in one or more cause areas.

Why do we put charities into different ‘cause categories’?

The distinction of cause areas for charities becomes essential when comparing the evaluation result of one charity with another. The nature of challenges, obstacles, problems, and limitations are specific to each cause.

As a result, when comparing a charity's state in terms of how it does within our evaluation framework, we take the cause areas they belong to as a parameter to make our comparison accurate and fair. In our Evaluation reports and Charity Zone, we compare the charity we report with peers that are active within the same cause area.