Kind is not enough.
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Trust in the charitable sector is at its lowest since 2005, Kinder is here to change that. We are a tech-for-good company empowering global citizens to do good, and to do good better. 


Our research team thoroughly assesses each organisation so you know which ones are great and they know how to improve.  

Impactful stories

We give you stories about improving the world and impactful donation options that align with them.

Tech for good

The best way to feel good is to do good. Kinder develops technology to make doing good an ingrained habit.

The Kinder Ecosystem


We developed a state-of-the-art Vetting Framework to assess the competence of charitable organisations with the help of Impact Center Erasmus and Duke University.

Since 2017, we evaluated over 2,000 non-profits (and counting) on their transparency, accountability, competence, and sixty more drivers.

This research is used to benchmark the performance of organisations and to help them improve.

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Our research also fuels the stories we publish daily on our in-house media platform Kinder World and other publications such as Forbes, the newsletter we curate weekly, and the events we organize quarterly.

From climate change to extreme poverty, we tackle the most pressing challenges the world is facing at the moment.

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Tech for good

We don’t just talk about the challenges, we provide engaging solutions as well. The intuitive fundraising tools we build make donating to the trustworthy organisations we evaluate simple and rewarding.

The Kinder Widget, for example, can be added to any webpage to facilitate direct donations to charities mentioned in a news story or op-ed, on Kinder World or any other media platform.

Our goal is to become the go-to citizen-facing brand championing transparency, trust, and effectiveness in the charitable sector; helping individual organisations while lifting the entire playing field. All with the end goal to fix world problems quicker and more efficient.

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