We’re all about doing good, better.

At Kinder, we’re fighting to empower global citizens to reconnect with global issues – starting a revolution in the way we effect change.

We know that you want to contribute to the causes you care about. But at some point, knowing how to help – or who to trust – became more difficult than it used to be.

We’re here to give you confidence and get you excited about effecting change again. Making a difference should feel rewarding and empowering – and we’re all about that get up and go feeling when it comes to making an impact in our world.

We get it

You feel connected to the causes you care about, but aren’t sure where to start finding the best solutions to them. It’s easy to feel like a drop in the ocean when it comes to tackling world problems. We have so much information available to us about global issues – but how are we supposed to know who is making the most effective use of resources and donations? We know it can be tough and frustrating to know where to turn – so that’s why we set out to help.

Our purpose and passion is to give you solutions to these problems. We sift through the complicated stuff for you, and tell you exactly which organisations are making change the most effectively. We give you the power to make an immediate, powerful difference – with you in the driving seat. And that’s not all.

How our research drives what we do

Find your cause

At Kinder, we put causes first – because we know that you care most about problems, not necessarily organisations. That’s why we created our United Actions platform. Here, you can find information and stories on the issues you care about – without the misleading headlines and click-bait articles. We’ve created a unique vetting framework which evaluates organisations on how well they are solving the problems that we care about. We can then use this framework to carefully curate lists of organisations you can contribute to, informing you every step of the way on who performs the best in terms of transparency and accountability.

Explore our United Actions

Make a difference

Kinder is so much more than just a place to donate to a cause. We’ve created a platform for you to discover and learn about global issues. We’ve also done the legwork to find you the most effective organisations to support. Donating through our platform is simple, convenient, and on your flexible terms – going directly to the cause you care about.

Donations aren’t the only way to contribute, either. My Kinder World is also a place to share stories, create fundraisers (coming soon), or simply talk about important issues. More than anything, it’s a place to connect.

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We want everyone to be able to do good, better. That’s our mission, and we want you to be part of it.

Note from our founder

Imagine how fast we can fix an important problem if our good intentions would be directed to the most effective solutions. At Kinder, we help you find those solutions and empower you to do good better 

Mathys van Abbe

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