Donation tools

Several respected international organisations, including the UN, point out that the funding gap to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) could be bridged by private donations. However, there is a decrease in individuals donating to charitable organisations.

Kinder aims to turn the decrease in private donations around by revolutionising the donation ecosystem. Developing easy to use, effective and rewarding donation tools is a crucial part of this goal.

Kinder Donation Widget

The Kinder Donation Widget facilitates direct donations to a customised selection of charitable organisations. The widget uses innovative technology to match articles that discuss a certain issue with a selection of charitable organisations that operate within the same cause area. Only Kinder vetted organisations that meet a certain performance threshold are allowed to appear in the Kinder Donation Widget. This way, Kinder guarantees that donations are effectively spent.

Kinder App

Kinder Donation app is a one-stop-shop for simple, effective, and rewarding donations. The App empowers donors to take matters in their own hands by providing information about the effectiveness of charities and easy monitoring of donations. As a donor, you get to decide when, to whom and how much you donate while remaining anonymous to the charitable organisation, so you are protected from follow-up acquisition. The Kinder Donation App shows you what happens with your donation, allows you to share your donation history with friends, and links you to relevant content about the world of doing good featured on Kinder World.