What is a United Action?

United Actions are curated collections of top-performing charities, all tackling the same urgent problem from different angles. Donating to a United Action means tackling a problem with several solutions — to make your money as effective as possible.

Problems are solved faster with multiple solutions

Take protecting our oceans. Stopping pollution alone won’t solve the problem. But tackling industrial fishing, reducing plastic waste, and stopping government inaction will. Simply put: your impact becomes considerably higher when you support multiple solutions at once.

Make your money as helpful as possible

When you donate to one charity, you donate to one solution. With United Actions, you donate to several charities, and multiple solutions, all at once. This means your money has more mileage, so it can make more of a difference.

Only donate to top-performing charities

The charities we curate for United Actions are the best in their field. Our team evaluates each one, with a method developed with top universities and specialists, to ensure their effectiveness. We benchmark them in areas like strategy, organisational skills, and transparency — so you have maximum confidence in their work, and your donations.

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Track your donation’s progress

Each donation you make gets distributed amongst the charities in a United Action. You'll also get more details on each charities’ solution to the problem— and updates on the total amount raised each month.

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We regularly review the charitable landscape and keep our United Actions up to date

  • 1The problem mutates
  • 2We adapt our analysis
  • 3Organisations evolve
  • 4We analyse them again
  • 5We update the United Action

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