Kinder is here to disrupt the broken world of donating by making doing good more accessible for everyone. With donating tools and by creating awareness, Kinder simplifies supporting the best of class charitable organisations and restores consumer trust in the non-profit sector.

Kinder inspires the public to act by giving daily insights about the charitable sector and enables people to donate on their own terms, no strings attached.

But simplifying donating to well-performing organisations is not enough to make real change. To improve the donating sector as a whole, Kinder stimulates charitable organisations that don't get included in the donating widgets (yet) to focus on improving their policies, intervention strategies and fundraising methods.


We are building an ecosystem focussing on creating awareness and offering tools to empower people to act.

Donation app & widget

Organisations in the app have been thoroughly vetted so you know that whichever cause you choose, your money will be spent effectively.

Kinder World

A (Vice like) platform to share news about the world of doing good, the good things as well as the negative, in order to create more transparency.

Vetting framework

A system that aims to measure the competence and effectiveness of charitable organisations.


Within Kinder we work in different teams that work together on the different tools.


Works on creating the app, the different websites, and the portals for the research and communication teams to process data.


Works on the design of the app, the different websites, the portals for the research and communication teams and all other marketing and communication materials.

Research & Development

Works on vetting non profits to see if they qualify to be in the app, and is developing the vetting framework as a whole. This team is mostly filled with international Master students from different Dutch universities and advised by researchers from Impact Center Erasmus


Will be heading the Research & Development team and the Kinder World team, but is now mostly focussing on raising money to be able to continue our work.

Operations & Community building (internal)

Works on administrative, office and HR work, and all the other day to day activities that come up. Also keeps in contact with the organisations represented in the app.

Communication & Community building (external)

Works on getting the word about Kinder out there and makes sure the information in the app is up to date.

Kinder World

Works on writing articles and sharing news stories about the world of doing good. At the moment the team is mostly filled with interns from different Dutch universities.

More info about Kinder kan be found at and