COVID-19 Appeal

In this appeal, you will find 10 organisations that deal with various aspects of the current crisis. These include education on preventative measures, distribution of hygiene products and emergency aid. It also includes organisations that have developed new and innovative ways to tackle the long-term effects of the pandemic.

Donate to all organisations
You can donate to all of the carefully selected organisations in one go by using the Kinder widget below. Your donation is then divided equally among the 10 organisations.

Donate to individual organisations
If you prefer to support one or some of the selected organisations, you can donate with the individual donation widgets below.

Extensive Research 
All selected organisations in this appeal have ANBI status and are in the top 25 percent of the organisations in their field on the Kinder database. You can find more about our research here.

In collaboration with Rabobank
This appeal was developed in collaboration with Rabobank. If you wish to make donations from €10,000, you can contact Rabobank Charity Management until 31 August 2020. They will reply shortly and help you with any questions.

About Rabobank Charity Management
Rabobank Charity Management is a pro bono service for Rabobank customers who wish to donate upwards of €50,000 and customers who manage assets upwards of €1 million.