This is how Tag the Love explains the workings, and reasoning behind Create. And here is a step by step explanation about how to create a new post:

  1. Log in to your create account with the email address you use with Kinder and the password you've received, you can use this link to get to the correct website.

  2. You arrive at the homescreen.

* If you want to check out previously written articles first, go to content and click on posts.

3. To make your own post, click on the create button

4. You arrive here:

5. Enter your title and a short teaser.

6. To add photo’s, videos’s, text or other content click on the plus sign.

Photo gallery

If the main focus of an article is a photo serie, Create has an option to make a photo gallery. If you select the category ‘Gallery’ and select the ID of your article (the number in the end of the url) and paste it in this link:<id>

7. Add your article.

8. When you have multiple content blocks, you can change the order by using this arrow.

9. Check the sidebar and add:

  • An author

  • The category

  • The storyline

10. Save your post. (Saving a post does not publish it!)

This is what you need to know for now to add your articles to Create. Roam around the site and see what other features are included. As always, if you have any questions send them to Laura, or Davide in this case.