Kinder Brand identity

Our mission:

Kinder’s mission is to disrupt the broken world of donating by making doing good more accessible for everyone.


In order for our brand to reflect this, we’ve created a style that’s bold, fresh, outgoing and strong. We want to avoid being associated with old-fashioned NGO’s, however we aim to set the example of how we can bring doing good to the 21st century.

What we are:

Our tone is Energetic, young, accessible, rebellious yet serious. 

What we’re not:

Modest, calm, old-fashioned.

Our target audience

Our audience strongly feels that there are many problems in today's society that need solving, but aren't sure where to start exactly to adress these problems. This is where Kinder comes in: we help by making the act of donating to a cause as easy and fast as possible, whilst informing our audience in a tone that fits their lifestyles. 

  • Millenials
  • 20 - 35 years
  • High level of education
  • Early adopters
  • Pragmatic
  • Progressive
  • Has a smartphone/laptop