Kinder Landing 2.0: General & Practical


TNW is accessible 24/7 for residents with key tags. The "building hours" are when the reception desk is open and the TNW team is in the building. They are as follows:

Monday - Thursday: 08:30 - 18:00
Friday: 08:30 - 17:00
Saturday & Sunday: reception closed

Once you're inside you can leave whenever you want. Just know you won't be able to get back inside without a key after building hours.
Berry and Bram (when he's in but he's working remotely for now) start their working days quite early, so you'll probably be able to get into our own office without a key as early as 7:30.

Package deliveries

You can have your packages send to TNW so you don't have to stay home for important deliveries. If there is a spot on the order form for it, please include our name. This will make it easier for the people at the reception to place your package in the correct pigeonhole.

Wifi passwords

Name: “TNW Residents”
Password: “alanturing”

Name: “TNW”
Password: “gracehopper”

Note that currently only 5 GHz devices are supported on the “TNW Residents” signal. This is a long story, but 2.4Ghz doesn’t work in the centre of Amsterdam in a busy tech hub. If your computer doesn’t support it, you should probably get a USB dongle. Ask Berry for more info if you need.

Using the printer

TNW has printers located on every floor in the main corridor of side A. Make sure your settings are set to black and white so we can save the colour for important things. We’re operating on a fair use policy at the moment, so be kind to the trees! Think of the children!

Before you do anything:

  1. The TNW printers can be accessed from the "TNW Residents" Wi-Fi network. Make sure you’re connected to that signal first.
  2. You don’t need a badge to print, even though the printer indicates this. Just follow the steps below.

Booking meeting rooms

You must use the TNW booking system Robin. As TNW Community support to give you access.

Contact info

+31 65 063 7735 - Mathys van Abbe (decision/strategy)

*Are you seeing a trend here? Most people will have a kinder mail adres. Just stick behind their first name.

Want to find out who else you'll be working with? Find the complete team here. Want to get in touch with them? Go here to find their contact info.

Quality time with Mathys

Mathys is a busy man so if you want to discuss something with him you'll have to book a slot in his agenda. By using this tool you'll know exactly when he's available.

Step 1. Click on a time that works for you.

Step 2. Fill out your details and send the request on its way.

Step 3. Wait for Mathys to accept your request.

Step 4. Enjoy your time with Mathys!

To get to know Mathys even better, consider checking out this user guide he made. It will show you which ways of communicating work best when trying to get your way and what you might want to avoid ;)

Calling in sick

      • You're sick, that sucks, go/stay home.

      • Let your team, your lead and Berry know that you are sick and when you expect to feel better.

      • Update everyone on how you are feeling if it takes longer then expected. Stay home until you are better.

      • Let everyone know when you are back.


    • When you re sick for a longer period of time, Berry will call you in sick with the Arbo, which is important for insurance and legal purposes.

    • Arbo helps us (you and Kinder) in case we need advice or help. They have experts and doctors on speed dial if needed.

    • Don't feel guilty for being sick.

    • Go to the doctor in time if you need to. Don't act tough.

    • If you have weird or vague complaints over a longer period of time, like headaches, bad sleep or panic-related stuff. Check your stress level and come to talk to your team lead and Laura to see if there is anything we can do.

Working from home

In an ideal world, we’d like to have everyone in the office as much as possible because it is easier to work together, to share ideas and to communicate with one another on shared projects when we’re all in the same room! However, that’s not always possible (especially with COVID-19). 

Generally speaking, the idea is that working from home would be the exception and not the rule but since COVID-19 and the government's recommendations we understand we all have to work flexibly, and sometimes from home. In order to have a safe working environment, we try not to have more than 4 people in the office at the same time. There are spaces in the building you can work from if it's too busy, and you can work from home if you have a suitable internet connection and are easily contactable.

It's extremely important that if you work remotely that you are available online, this includes ensuring you do your daily updates, responding to messages and attending virtual meetings.

Please be aware of the government's guideance and the rules of TNW City regarding distancing, wearing mask and washing hands - and follow them.


If you have made any costs for Kinder, please use this reimbursement form to make sure you'll be reimbursed for them. The process goes like this:

  1. You pay for something Kinder related.

  2. You ask for the receipt and keep it in a safe place.

  3. At the beginning of each month, you collect all receipts for the previous month and upload/ scan them to be attached to an email to Carolien at (try and include as all one pdf).

  4. You fill out the reimbursement form and attach it to that same email. (Don't forget to include the BTW! For public transport this is 9%)

  5. You send the email to and Carolien will approve of it, or let you know if any information is missing.

  6. A couple of days/weeks later you'll have the money back into your account.

Protip: If you use a public transport chip card for Kinder related travels make sure you've got an online OV-chip account so you can download an official overview of all your travels as your receipt.