Kinder Landing 2.0: Kinder communicating

Since our team is growing fast, we want to make sure working at Kinder is a pleasant and productive experience for all. That is why we written down a few things for you to keep in mind:

Strive to be the best co-worker you can be!

Want to know more about how to work best with each of your teammates? We've used Crystal Knows to make personality reports that will help you figure out how to best collaborate. Go here to create your own profile and find the others.


Slacks are small interruptions, so really think about the timing for your colleagues when reaching out. Have something to share that should not get lost in a sea of notifications and limited storage space? Use email!

Protip: Did you receive a message, but you can't properly respond to it right away? Let the messenger know you saw it by sending a quick 'thumbs up' or "I'll get back to you!"


If you run into immediate problems/bugs you should notify Berry right away or use the #bugs channel. He'll ensure to get the right person to fix it.


When you log in to Slack, you’ll see that you’ve been added to the #daily channel. This is the place where you share with the rest of the team what you’ll be working on for the day based on what was agreed in the sprint planning meeting. Ideally you should also state what you worked on the previous day as well.

Meetings: the aftermath

It sounds obvious but if you have a meeting you should always come prepared with your laptop or a pen & paper to take notes. When you talk to someone about something important  it can be hard to remember what you've discussed when you get back to working on other stuff right after.

How about sending a follow up email to your sparring partner (& other relevant people) to state the outcome of your conversation and the steps that have to be taken as a result?