Kinder Landing 2.0: Kinder communicating

Strive to be the best co-worker you can be!

Since our team is growing fast, we want to make sure working at Kinder is a pleasant and productive experience for all. That is why we written down a few things for you to keep in mind:

Be considerate about different working styles.

We would like the office to be a place where people can come to focus on their work. Have something you need to discuss with one of your colleagues? Step out in the hallway, claim the hammock (before Mathys does), or go sit upstairs in the club. Ofcourse quick questions are fine and if everyone is up for it you can also crank up the gezelligheids level by turning on some music. Just keep in mind everyone has different working styles and too much noise can really disturb the flow they just found.

Want to know more about how to work best with each of your teammates? We've used Crystal Knows to make personality reports that will help you figure out how to best collaborate. Go here to create your own profile and find the others.

About Slack

Slacks are small interruptions, so really think about the timing for your colleagues when reaching out. Have something to share that should not get lost in a sea of notifications and limited storage space? Use email!

Protip: Did you receive a message, but you can't properly respond to it right away? Let the messenger know you saw it by sending a quick 'thumbs up' or "I'll get back to you!"

What if you have a question and you don't know who can answer it for you or the person who can is unavailable?

Have you tried Googling it?

If you have a question about anything, please try Googling it/ checking the Kinder Landing first. Often the answer is way more easy to find than you’d initially think. It will save you time that you would have been spending on waiting for an answer, and it will save the other person from being interrupted unnecessarily.

Still don’t have an answer to your question? Ask Laura or Shona!

Laura an Shona are the first line of defence making sure the developers, designers, writers, researchers, (so basically everyone) can focus on their priorities and don't get distracted by questions all day.

Protip: Keep a list of all your questions and email them all at once at the end of the day/week/month.

If you run into immediate problems/bugs you should send them to Laura or Shona right away of course. They'll try to fix them or will make sure it gets resolved by the right person.


When you log in to Slack, you’ll see that you’ve been added to the #daily channel. This is the place where you share with the rest of the team what you’ll be working on for the day ánd at the end of the day you’ll share what you actually did. Read more here.

Meetings: the aftermath

When you talk to someone about something important  it can be hard to remember what you've discussed when you get back to working on other stuff right after. How about sending a follow up email to your sparring partner (& other relevant people) to state the outcome of your conversation and the steps that have to be taken as a result?

Go here to find a draft for your next follow up email!


As you'll soon find out, or you already did, we send out an internal newsletter each Friday. We can understand you don't read every single #daily that gets shared, so the highlights can be found in the newsletter along with other news you might have missed.

With a team that is spread out all over the country, and sometimes even world, this is our way of making sure everyone stays up to date to Kinder's world. (Not to be confused with Kinder World, but you'll read about that in the newsletter as well.)

Protip: Read the newsletter!