Kinder Landing 2.0: Office


You can find us here:

The Kinder office is on the 3rd floor.  


TNW is “a curated tech hub in the heart of Amsterdam, founded by The Next Web.”

At the moment over fifty web tech companies and vibrant members (international investors, startup founders and likeminded peeps) share the space. 

TNW helps the residents scale and cultivates an active community, which has the following perks:

  • All residents and members are part of an active community Slack channel and are available for questions anytime.
  • The building hosts the smallest disco in the world.
  • Every Friday afternoon from 17:00 - 17:30 there is happy half hour at the club with free drinks!

Office layout

If every seat is taken you can always find a spot on the sofa or any empty seat outside of our office. Everyone also has a drawer in one of pedestals to keep their personal belongings. You can also work in the club upstairs.

Google calendar

Please ensure you put in the shared Kinder office calendar any holidays or medical appointments in advance. We need to know when people are available in order to plan work and meetings.

Due to Covid - not everyone is in the office full time and some of the team work from home on certain days. Please put in the calendar which days you plan to work from the office.


Generally, people go out to buy something, or heat up their leftovers, around 12:30/13:00 ish. There are two Albert Heijns around the corner, and the club upstairs serves a lunch buffet. We've also got a fridge to our office but if you need extra space you can also make use of the fridges in the TQ kitchen.

We like having lunch together, so if someone shouts "who wants to have lunch!?" in the #lunch channel don't be shy and feel free to tag along. You probably already spotted the comfy chairs at the end of the hallway, that's where we tend to sit to eat :)

Snacks & drinks

Whenever you're feeling the urge ;) We have nuts and fruit in the office, you are welcome to grab it when needed. The fruit is delivered to us every Monday morning and we’re not getting extra if we’re out before the next Monday. So be considerate and don’t claim it all so your colleagues still have something to snack on at the end of the week. At the same time, if there are leftovers feel free to take some home to prevent foodwaste.

In the hallway between the stairs and our office, you’ll find the kitchen with a state of the art coffee maker (it also does hot water and milk foam).

Please DO NOT be nice to your office mates and bring them a drink. #sittingisthenewsmoking so ask them to join you on your quest for caffeine instead ;)

Smoke breaks

TNW is a smoke-free building, but you can always go down to the back entrance (not the flower market side) and light a cigarette outside.

Fun and games

When you take the stairs down to the -2 level you'll find a hall filled with ping pong tables, badminton nets, swings, and trampolines. Do take advantage of it to get your energy up again in times of after breakfast/lunch/dinner/hard thinking dips. Most days around 15:30 there's a Kinder team going down for their daily pongpong battle, you can alway challenge them to a match!

Clean up your shit

Please clean up your own shit. Take your cups to the dishwasher rack. Throw away your stuff. Keep your working area nice and tidy. The cleaners only have limited time for each office this will make a big difference for them.

Think about the environment

Try the one-towel trick. We don't have paper towels at the office anymore, but it's a cool trick to know about anyway :)

Throw paper in the paper bin (in the kitchen) and glass in the glass bin (also in the kitchen). For companies in Amsterdam plastic is collected together with other trash and recycled later on so you don’t have to worry about that.

Think about bringing your own lunch to cut back on plastic packaging though. We’ve got plates and cutlery in the office.