Kinder Landing 2.0: Tools & Tips


Slack is the communication tool we’re using to make consulting with the team way easier. Like in Google Drive, each topic has its own Slack channel. For example in #kinderworld-ideas we share ideas for content of the Kinder World platform and in #daily we share what we’re going to work on for the day.

More Slack tips


Clubhouse is our online project management tool and we work in sprints.  This is our way of keeping track of tasks, who is responsible for what and where we are at in the process.

Szabi & Berry are the 'experts' on this - ask them to show you how it works.

Kinder Web - Vetting portal and Charity Zone

To be able to vet causes or view the Charity Zone you will need an account. Ask Tanisha or Bram to help you set up an account.


Create is a product of one of Mathys’ other companies, Tag The Love and it serves as the backend of our websites. You'll get access to it when you're making content for

Ask Berry or Bram for a log in.

Video conferencing

We normally use Google Meet which is easily set up through google calendar. 


Whether you’re writing a Kinder World article, Sinterklaas poem, newsletter or investor pitch, if you’re looking for new ways of saying the same thing check out You give them a word and they’ll come up with dozens, if not hundreds of synonyms. Looking for the Dutch equivalent? is the place to go.

Gmail hacks

When you have an important question to ask right now you can find a list of all phone numbers here.

Have something to share that should not get lost in a sea of notifications and limited storage space? Use email! All email addresses can be found in this document.

Did you receive your very own mail? Please use the following email signature:

With Kinder regards,

your name

add Kinder logo here

Do good, better. Be Kinder.

your phone number

Get logo here


More hacks:

      • Enable undo send

      • Use Boomerang: send later and get reminders on emails

      • Use filters with priorities

      • Use shortcuts

      • Use search, don't put emails into folders, just archive

      • Try pause inbox: a feature from Boomerang which delivers you your emails at set times instead of all through the day.

      • Use the new ‘snooze’ feature. You can set an email to disappear for a few hours/days/weeks and then reappear when you need to deal with it.


Are you struggling with getting things done, focus, and/or powering through distractions? Do what Koen does and try the Pomodoro Technique!

On Slack you might notice a tomato behind Koen's name, this means he's focussing on one specific task for 25 minutes and not available for questions. Feel free to send him a message, he'll get back to you when he's taking a break. Feel free to try this technique out for yourself and report back to us with the results. Who knows, we might all be Pomodoro masters soon.