Kinder Appeals: No more stress about picking a charity

With Kinder, effective donation becomes a piece of cake
You’re probably hearing from a lot of charities, especially in Corona times. It is not only difficult to choose which one to donate to but also difficult to assess which organization is spending your (hard-earned) savings in the best manner. 

An overkill of supply and scepticism towards large charities often cause a "freeze effect", resulting in not donating. Online platform Kinder wants to change this. From today, you can easily donate to the most effective causes with one click. You choose whether you go for the eradication of hunger, accessible education, a clean ocean or climate change. They ensure that it gets to the best performing organisations - as easy as that.

Value for your money
Charities are at your door, in your mailbox and on your social feeds. Which one really does a good job? Where is your euro best spent? Making a choice between all organizations that try to make the world better is not easy. 

In fact, research shows that too many options cause us to "freeze" and stop donating. A shame, says Mathys van Abbe. That is why he founded Kinder. 

“Lots of charities are doing great work. It’s very useful when we know which organizations are actually effective. In other words, where your money will have an impact. Moreover, it is high time that charities started working together. You cannot solve global problems on your own, ”says Van Abbe.

Shooting for the stars
For three years, Van Abbe worked with an in-house research team, with the help of various researchers from the Erasmus Impact Center Rotterdam and the Radboud University Nijmegen, on a system for objectively screening charities. 

Today Kinder Appeals goes live. On, users can find appeals on subjects close to their heart and donate to the best performing organizations tackling the problem with one click. All you have to do is choose which world problem you want to focus on. Piece of cake.

Don't just donate to a single charity - Donate to the best solutions

Contact us
If you have questions or would like an interview with our founder Mathys van Abbe, please contact us.

About Kinder
Kinder was born out of a belief that there is no problem too big for us to tackle together. We encourage global citizens to reconnect with global issues – empowering them to be a force for good – and transforming the charitable sector into an open and more effective industry.

  • Summed up, our main impact areas are:
  • Enabling seamless and effective donations through tech-for-good tools.
  • Steering organisations towards becoming more transparent and accountable.
  • Informing individuals about organisations that will use their donations and engagement the most effectively.
Do good. better. Be Kinder.