Slack is the communication tool we’re using to make consulting with the team way easier. Like in Google Drive, each topic has its own Slack channel. For example in #kinderworld-ideas we share ideas for content of the Kinder World platform and in #daily we share what we’re going to work on for the day.

Slack is basically one big whatsapp group, with different sub groups. You can also open a private chat room with one or more people for separate discussions.

  • When you’re working in the office and you have a question that you only want to bother certain people with, use Slack!

  • When you’re working from home, or university and you have a question for someone not working near you, use Slack!

  • When you just found an incredibly cute cat video that you just have to share, use Slack!

  • When you have to tell the whole team something at once, use Slack!

When you’re working on Kinder stuff, please keep a tab with Slack open, or download the app to get updates on your phone. This way you won’t miss anyone calling for help.



The idea behind the dailys is two-fold.

  • For your teammates to see what you’re doing and to check that you’re not both working on the same thing or maybe to be able offer some assistance. Even if the rest of the Kinder Office doesn’t understand specifically what you’re writing (for example coding/technical language) certainly your direct teammates will know what it means.

  • For the management team and those doing project managing to get a better idea of what stage everyone is at in their various projects.



  1. Add your to do’s to the #daily channel in the morning, ideally, within an hour of starting your day.

  2. Then share what you actually ended up doing at the end of the day right before you finish working.

*The morning daily indicates what you intend to work on, while the evening daily communicates what you actually did.

More reasons to keep up with your dailies (courtesy of Linsey):

“You might wonder, why would I share my daily to-do list with the rest of the Kinder crew? And why in god's name would I ever let anyone know if I actually accomplished anything I said I would?

Accountability can be a b*tch, we all know that. The transparency hype is totes overrated. It is true that a daily may seem schoolish, but with our (arguably) flexible work hours or the option to work remotely, there is no way to know for sure if someone else is also riding that awesome wave of spontaneous creativity today. Working on your projects in isolation is the way to go for some of us, and your daily is the perfect opportunity to let everyone know you are socially checking out and unavailable for wishy-washy chit-chat. But honestly, you are not a radio (just sending, no receiving)!  You also like to know what everyone else is up to, and who you can reach when you are in a pinch.

Most would agree this is all fairly helpful. But why does it feel like we have to clock out at the end of the day with our accomplishments? Really, because we do, and it is sound practice when you do not want others to repeat the work you just wrapped up. Its a quick and easy way to update all relevant stakeholders on the current status of your projects. ”

- Linsey Groot