Kinder Conversations - The Future of Meat

Join us for an evening of discussion on the future of meat, from sophisticated plant-based alternatives to visionary lab-grown options. Let's rethink our dependency on animal farming and explore new ways of eating without harm, while still satisfying our taste buds.

📅 When Thursday, February 28th, from 18:30 - 20:30

📭 Where TQ, Singel 542, Amsterdam

🎫 How can I get in? Be quick and sign up for the event! There are only limited (200) spots available. You can secure your ticket here.

🎯 Why should I join? To have a sneak peek (and taste) of what the future of meat looks like. To discuss one of the most important societal matters. To network with young professionals, media, and influencers active in the blossoming business of food innovation.

About the event 

Ending animal farming is one of the most urgent challenges to tackle for humankind. If we succeed, we would spare the lives of 56 billion animals every year, fight climate destruction, and get rid of food that is often loaded with bacteria. That's why we're dedicating the first of our Kinder Conversations to the future of meat.

We'll start the event with the obstacle, namely the complex problem that is animal farming. Afterward, we'll debate possible solutions and explore the worlds of plant-based and lab-grown meat.

And finally, it'll be time for some plant-based cheese tasting accompanied by (naturally vegan) beer. 

Several experts from different fields will join us and share their insight on the future of meat.

  • Pablo Moleman - ProVeg Nederland, Co-Founder
    Leading Dutch vegan advocate. Co-founder of ProVeg Nederland, the Dutch branch of prominent vegan advocacy charity ProVeg International.

  • Cor van der Weele - Professor at the University of Wageningen
    Professor van der Weele has been conduction pioneering research on the cultural impact of lab-grown meat the University of Wageningen, sort of the Oxford of food innovation.

Free (deliciously vegan) food

Yeah, you read it right. From jackfruit bitterballen and seaweed bacon to plant-based cheese and vegan ice-cream, you're in for a treat.

Thanks to MeetJackPlant-Based CheeseProfessor Grunschnabel, and Seamore, we will be able to provide you with an exquisite array of vegan food to savor.

And stay tuned because over the next weeks we'll add new, exciting speakers to the list! But, for now, don't forget to get your tickethere

Kinder Conversations 

The Future of Meat is the first of our Kinder Conversations, quarterly events in which we discuss the most pressing challenges our global society is facing and how we can tackle them effectively. 

Trailblazers, thought leaders, and hands-on experts will help us unfold the complexity of these challenges. However, we strongly believe that if we're going to find effective solutions we can only do it together. That's why these events are Conversations: we want an open dialogue and we want you to join in.