Working from home

Working from home can sometimes be an effective way of getting deep work done and cut out all regular office distractions. We’re asking you to be honest with yourself. Do you really get more work done in a remote location or at home than in the office? If so, keep up the good work! If not, find out how to optimise working from the office (and don’t hesitate to ask for help to get there).


  1. Decide to work from home after checking in with the rest of your team and at least a week in advance. (of course in emergency situations that’s not possible).

  2. Post in your daily that you’re working from home and why. If you know in advance add it onto your Google Calendar entry.

  3. Let Shona know (so that she can keep her team admin up-to-date).

  4. Make sure that you keep everyone who needs to be informed up to date and be approachable via Slack and/or WhatsApp.


The name of the game is consciousness! Basically, make the decision to work from home consciously, and have a good reason for doing so. We need you to be responsible with your choices, we're a startup and need everybody really on top of their game, delivering high-quality work and taking ownership in our development.

We understand that learning where and how you work most effectively is a trial and error process. To help you make the decision here are some points to think about:

  • Don’t work from home simply because you are expecting a delivery or have an appointment.


  • Do, whenever possible, schedule deliveries or appointments on your day off. You can always have packages delivered to TQ!


  • If you’re feeling just a little sick, come to the office for a bit first and see how you feel. The change of scenery, taking in some fresh air, and having your colleagues around you might just be the distraction you need to feel better. (Of course, if you have a long commute coming into the office for only a few hours might not make much sense - you'll know when this is the case)


  • Do work from home if there is some kind of emergency such a plumbing troubles, or if you’re feeling well enough to work but are contagious to others.


  • Of course, we understand there will always be exceptions to these guidelines.

  • A few such exceptions can be period cramps (which can be really physically debilitating) or for example not being able to leave the toilet for more than 10 minutes. You probably feel fine mentally, but might not be able to move from your spot physically. This is why we love laptops! Wrap yourself in hot water bottles or camp out in your powder room with all the essentials to get some deep work done.

Extra  - Trust:

It’s all about trust, Kinder trusts you to make the right decision about when it’s necessary for you to work from home, whether it’s for your health or your concentration. We assume and trust that you’re putting the good of the business and your own health at the forefront of your decision making! :)