Kinder Landing 2.0: Happy & Healthy

Voicing our mission and vision more

Everybody should feel connected to where Kinder is going and why. Talking about this more will help everybody align. This way everybody has more influence on the direction we're going and it is more clear why a change of direction is made and how this affects your work.

Open channels: work on transparency and trust

Everybody should be able to speak up (and feel heard) if they feel that the stress level is too high or we should be focussing on different things. 

Build a happy environment 

Notice when people are overworked. Let’s keep improving the process we have in place for when people feel it’s too much.

Feedback and praise

We are working on making this a more integrated part of our day to day work.

Create awareness within teams and team leads

  • Are you giving regular feedback?
  • Are you giving praise?
  • Are you actively challenging the rest of your team?
  • Are you listening to what they want and are you voicing that to others?
  • Are you involving your team in the Kinder mission (is it clear)?
  • Is your schedule (and that of your team) in a healthy rhythm (work-life balance)? You set the example.
  • Is your team taking regular holidays/long weekends?

Structure and clarity

We want everyone at Kinder to work happily together, but sometimes it helps to divide ourselves in smaller groups and teams. How to know where you belong and who to collaborate and check-in with?

We are working on putting a system in place where we determine clear objectives and who is responsible for what. In the end we would like for everyone to know what needs to happen; why their work is important; what success looks like; how their work fits in the bigger picture; and what standard of quality needs to be met.


We should keep hiring great, talented people who will give us energy, ideas and of course are fun to work with.