Stories that matter: Kinder employs storytelling for impact

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Kinder started off with a simple idea: I want to donate but I don’t know how to or to whom. 

Making the world a better place, helping others that are less fortunate, saving the planet, these ideas are present at our current stage more than ever. People want to do good, they want to help out organisations that are doing good. Yet, they don’t know where to start or who to trust.

Purposeful storytelling is the future of philanthropy and one of Kinder’s three pillars. Transparency and accountability are what we ask of all the organisations in our system. We don’t just analyse charitable organisations and help them improve, we also share their stories with the public. We want to make sure people who are looking to contribute to a kinder world have all the information they need, to make decisions they are proud of.

We use our in-house media platform Kinder World to turn the insight from our research into impactful stories that drive people to donate to causes and problems they are reading about. Every organisation that signs up to Kinder’s platform charitable organisations Charity Zone, gets direct access to our editorial team.

We’ve got a team of writers working alongside our researchers who are deeply knowledgeable about the sector and guest writers, each an expert in their subject. Using the same insight, we make sure organisations who are doing great and score amongst the highest get the attention they deserve by actively promoting them and helping them reach large audiences.

We work alongside organisations, and other media outlets and big brands, to make sure their stories reach people who are concerned and who want to help.

We read about catastrophic crises, like climate change, or disasters, like Australian bushfires, but too often it is just the problem that gets the spotlight and not the solutions. When it comes to the big problems the world is facing, Kinder provides much-needed knowledge about the problem. Yet, our editorial focus is solution-based. So, we don’t just write about the problems, we direct our audience towards solutions to those problems in the form of charitable organisations that are solving them, helping organisations raise funds along the way.

Whether someone cares about saving the Borneo orangutans, preserving rainforests, or decreasing the meat industry’s climate impact we’ve got a story and an organisation they can donate to help solve the problem.

Stories become more powerful the more they are shared. We don’t want to stop at our own platform when it comes telling the stories of organisations who are doing great work. That’s why we’re working on several partnerships with big media brands so that these stories can reach every corner around the globe. 

In a sense, Kinder is a PR agency for the charitable sector, we work hard to extend the reach of organisations’ visibility. The difference from a regular PR agency, however, is that profit is not the purpose of our storytelling. We don’t work for a big conglomerate trying to greenwash their name, or a company trying to sell sustainable branded products. Our main client is the planet and its inhabitants: humans, animals and all living organisms. The only reason we want our stories to make noise is so that they can make an impact. 

We’ve already vetted over 2000 organisations and started asking them to join us in the Charity Zone. Register to join them, start telling your stories and raising additional funds. 

Together, we can make the world a kinder place.

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