WomenForce & Kinder team up to preserve the rainforest

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We're rpoud to collaborate with the Women Force NFT project founded by Renata Couto and Di Couto to help preserve the rainforest to pay a tribute to women all around the world.

Tech For Good 
The key goal behind this collaboration is to preserve the rainforest by dedicating a big part of the revenue generated by the unique NFTs that will be sold.

Tech for Good can be defined as companies and their technologies, organizations, projects, or even individuals aiming to create a positive impact on the world around us.

Kinder has developed a 'transactions for good'- API to provide Web3 projects with the possibility to easily direct royalties to United Actions (collections of highly effective vetted charities) thus providing an automated opportunity for organizations and communities to make a real and positive impact on society.

WomenForce NFT
Women Force is a unique 7,236 NFT project generated from digital drawn elements and stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. The art has been inspired by the Amazon Rainforest and pays a tribute to the force of all Women. The vision of Women Force NFT has always consisted of creating strong and empowering NFT collections and to build a diverse community which raises the voice for important causes.

Kinder & Women Force NFT 
An integral goal of the Women Force NFT project has been to make both a rewarding and empowering difference which is why they reached out to Kinder. At Kinder, we have two principal goals, transparency, and reliability. We have been able to create a unique vetting framework that evaluates organizations on how well they are solving the problems that we care about.

Through this collaboration, we strive to ensure that all donations will be dedicated to organizations that are fully vetted by Kinder and meet the high standards for transparency and accountability. 

In the upcoming month, we will present our United Action in collaboration with Women Force NFT where we have bundled high-performing charities that work towards primarily ensuring the reforestation of rainforests. The Amazon collection will strongly support the charities and help make a positive impact in the conservation of the Amazon Rainforest!

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