People rise up against Poland’s inhumane abortion ruling


On October 22nd a court ruling in Poland banned abortion in the country except for cases of rape, incest and great danger to mother’s health. This would make the majority of the abortions performed in the country illegal.

Poland already had abortion laws amongst the strictest in Europe before the ban, but this ruling is an inhumane attack on women’s rights. Last year, the country recorded 2000 cases of abortion but feminist groups claim the number is over 200.000. Amongst these 200.000 are illegal abortions, which can be extremely dangerous for women undergoing them.

The decision was met with great opposition from the Polish people. Protests started popping up in cities like Krakow, Warsaw and Poznan. Strikes and marches are happening all across the country, mainly organised by the group Strajk Kobiet, polish for women’s strike.

Following the Polish reaction, women’s right activists all over Europe and the world stood against the Polish Government’s decision to attack women’s bodily autonomy. People marched and protested throughout the weekend in Amsterdam, Sydney, New York and many more cities across the world. 

Having access to safe abortions is healthcare. Having access to safe abortions is a human right. Having access to safe abortions saves lives.

Support feminist activism so we can save lives together.

Cover image by Kod Malopolska

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