Hundreds of young students march in Amsterdam against climate change


A new march to protest the lack of incisive policies against climate change took place today in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Around 2,000 young people gathered this morning in the centre of the Dutch capital and marched towards Museumplein, one of the city's main squares. 

"We think there is too little political will to do something about climate change and we want to break that," says Caya van de Weg of Youth for Climate, a new platform for all the young people interested in contrasting climate change.

Last weekend, another march to protest climate change drew some 40,000 protesters in Amsterdam, demanding stronger climate change policies.

As reported by, research carried out by the demographic research institute Nidi shows that scepticism around climate change is sharply dropping in the Netherlands.

The number of people agreeing that "stories about the earth warming up are exaggerated" has fallen from 24 percent to 11 percent while almost six in 10 people are now extremely worried about the earth warming up, 23 percentage points up on 10 years ago.

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