35 pushups for women's rights with ActionAid

How many pushups can you do? How many would you like to be able to? ActionAid is challenging everyone to get up to 35 pushups to combat violence against women.

From the 1st of November to the 25th, the international women's rights organisation ActionAid is organising a fundraising challenge to raise donations to end violence against women and help people get stronger in the meanwhile. The goal of the challenge is to be able to do 35 pushups by November 25. ActionAid supports the participants of the challenge with a special pushup calendar and a community of people working for the same goal.

Why 35 pushups? 35% of all women worldwide will be faced with some form of sexual violence in their lifetime. That's more than one-third of all the women in the world. This number is likely to have increased substantially because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch below, how ActionAid Netherlands and participants are planning to tackle the challenge this year. 

(Tip for non-Dutch speakers, use the YouTube setting to add English captions to the video)

Are you feeling pumped to take on the challenge and do 35 pushups on the 25th of November? Sign-up for the challenge here.

If you don't want to do pushups but still want to support ActionAid's mission or if you simply can't wait till 25 November to help them out you can donate to ActionAid below.

Cover image by ActionAid.

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