4 Interventions that are reducing maternal mortality

In developing countries, mothers often don't survive pregnancy or birth. Luckily, this problem is finally getting recognised and new interventions with good percentages of reduction are popping up. Here are some of them:

1) The Clean Birth Kit
The Clean Birth Kit is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and designed to prevent infection when giving birth. Use of clean materials has led to 57 percent reduction in newborn deaths in India.

2) Living Goods
This organisation runs a network of community health promoters in Uganda, Kenya and the US, who sell affordable health products, like treatments for diseases, soap and contraception through door-to-door sales. Living Goods decreased child deaths by 27 percent in the served areas. 

3) Tech 
By replacing paper-based forms with mobile apps, aid workers can utilize CommCare as a job aid to track and support clients with registration forms, checklists and much more. The effects have been quite impressive, it has been proven to increase:

- The percentage of women who made at least three care visits before giving birth from 8 to 49.8 percent.

- The number of women visiting a healthcare facility within a week of delivery from 4 to 72.8 percent.

- The number of women who start breastfeeding immediately after birth from 2 to 75.9 percent, and increase skin-to-skin care from 57.8 to 65.2 percent.

- The use of modern methods of contraception from 4 to 43.3 percent.

4) Wetsuits 

Meet PATH. This special suit wraps and tightens legs, pelvis, and abdomen of a mother. It applies pressure to the lower part of the body, pumping blood to the heart, lungs, and brain.

Research found a 50 percent decrease in deaths while giving birth when the antishock garment was used. Nearly 1,400 women in India and Nigeria were saved by it.

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