5 Instagram accounts to learn from to make the world a better place

Activism might not be the first thing that you associate with Instagram at first, but since its launch in 2010, Instagram evolved a lot. Alas, photos of latte art and swimsuit-clad holiday photos are still popular on the platform but there is also a side to Instagram that early critics didn’t see coming. For the past few years of its existence, Instagram has also been a platform for activism.

People tend to undermine Instagram as an arbiter of vanity yet like the critique itself, that’s just what’s on the surface. The platform’s, and Facebook at large’s, questionable ethics aside (that’s another article in itself) Instagram has created valuable corners of the internet where people can get together and learn from both the accounts and each other. Individual activists and collectives have turned their Instagram accounts into vehicles for change, with great labour.

Below, are five accounts you can start your Instagram learning journey from.

  1. No White Saviours

No White Saviours is an account started by a female-led group of activists born out of “collective frustration at the rampant abuses committed by white missionaries and development workers in Uganda and beyond.”  The group calls out the White Saviour Complex in the development and aid industry in the African continent. Their mission is to highlight the work done by Black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) to social change in their communities. Following No White Savours might be uncomfortable at first but that’s because they are speaking to truth and real growth is uncomfortable.

2. Megan Jayne Crabbe - bodyposipana
Megan Crabbe is an influencer, author and activist based in the UK. Her account is colourful, fun and informative. Her main focus is on body empowerment, fatphobia and inclusivity, all genders, shapes and sizes. Her account is an accessible and friendly place to learn about our internalised biases against bodied that don’t look like “the norm”.

3. Aja Barber
Aja Barber is an activist writing and campaigning for sustainable fashion. She is an expert in race, intersectional feminism, fashion and how these three are closely interlinked with each other. She is amazing at showcasing how sustainable and ethical fashion is connected to other urgent problems like the climate crisis and women’s rights. You can support Aja’s work through her Patreon.

4. Pattie Gonia
Pattie Gonia is a drag performer, photographer and intersectional environmentalist. They are passionate about the great outdoors: both saving it from destruction and making it more inclusive, especially for marginalised communities. Their account is a perfect mixture of informative posts and fabulous outdoors drag. You can learn about environmental activism while watching them strut in mountains wearing incredible high heels.

5. Alok Menon
Alok is a gender-non-conforming writer, activist and performance artist. They challenge the gender binary through their art and share their work with a large audience through Instagram. Through their Instagram account, they show how a world beyond the gender binary and norms is more freeing for everyone. Their amazing fashion sense and outfit posts are an added bonus and add to the discussion on fluidity and becoming oneself.

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