Clean meat is already on the shelves and clean dairy is on the way

Restructuring our food systems and habits is a crucial part of combatting the ever-present climate crisis and making sure we are able to feed everyone in the world sustainably. The discussions about clean-meat has been in the public interest for a while and it looks like clean-dairy is speedily following in its footsteps.

The Dutch National Science Association has just approved €1.7 million funding for a research project aiming to bring animal-free dairy protein to the masses. The animal-free milk project, also called alt-milk, led by Wageningen University aims to produce milk from yeast to provide a cow-less, sustainable alternative to dairy products. The alt-milk project will not only look at ways to produce sustainable dairy alternatives but also ways to integrate these products into society as part of people’s daily diet.

In Israel, a hot-spot for clean-meat, Remilk the Israeli startup producing animal-free dairy has just announced they raised $11.3 million in Series A funding. Remilk uses microbial fermentation to produce its alt-milk. The company says this process creates milk that is identical to cow’s milk but without harming actual cows or using up precious resources like land and water.

Remilk’s microbial fermentation process is the same one used by the US-based company Perfect Day. They have been around since 2014 and use microflora and fermentation to produce whey and casein, milk proteins.  Their product is FDA approved with no trace of cholesterol, hormones or antibiotics. Perfect Day claims that their cow-less milk protein packs more nutrition per gram compared to cow’s milk but performs exactly the same in recipes. In July, the company released a limited edition of the world’s first animal-free ice cream which sold out in under 11 hours.

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