Dutch retailer HEMA finally rolls out a vegan hot-dog


Today, the Dutch retailer HEMA announced on Facebook that they're rolling out a vegan version of their hot-dog in 10 stores including three locations in Amsterdam (Nieuwendijk, Amsterdam Osdorp, and Amsterdam Zuid).

The new plant-based sausage is made of "nine different vegetables," but little more it's known about its composition at the moment.

With more than 500 stores in the Netherlands, HEMA is one of the Dutch largest retailers. The chain is also present in eight other countries totalling more than 750 stores.

In July, the company announced its plans to expand to the United States under the name "HEMA Amsterdam."

In April, HEMA revealed that they're working on a vegan version of their iconic smoked sausage, the rookworst.

"All of Hema's food products will eventually be given a vegan version," CEO Tjeerd Jegen said.

You can already taste the plant-based hot-dog in the following stores: 

  • Almere-stad
  • Amsterdam Nieuwendijk
  • Amsterdam Osdorp
  • Amsterdam Zuid WTC 
  • Centraal station Utrecht
  • Eindhoven Centrum
  • Groningen-Paddepoel
  • Harderwijk
  • Nijmegen Centrum
  • Maassluis

Credit header image: Pixabay

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