Education is the most effective way to beat a virus like COVID-19

This year has been like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone on the planet. As we tackle the effects and changes to our modern society, one thing we can collectively agree on is the importance of education to help guide people through these turbulent times.

It is education that tells us to wash our hands, use hand-sanitiser, wear masks and to take other precautionary measures in order to avoid infection. It is informed learning that gives us the tools to identify medical threats, treat patients and avoid future plagues. Education is the key to solving this global disaster and we must focus on ensuring everyone has access to clear, coherent and correct information.

Education begins with children. Many argue Gen Z will save the world from catastrophe but first, we need to uplift, enlighten and provide for all children. Unfortunately, there are still many places in the world where children do not have access to basic human rights such as housing security, access to clean water and high-quality education. According to the WHO, local communities and societies suffer greatly when children struggle to access good schooling. This disproportionately affects disadvantaged children and their families because it exacerbates pre-existing social, economic and environmental disparities, all of which have been further affected by the global pandemic.

Education equals futureproofing. By providing children with access to high-quality and engaging education, we can count on them to become kind, literate and socially aware adults. The transferable skills children acquire from a good education are life-saving in crisis situations like a global pandemic. The more educated we are as a global society, the better prepared we will be to tackle future outbreaks. In fact, by making high-quality education a priority for younger generations, we can become wiser, proactive global citizens, ones who can prevent the threat of future pandemics completely.

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All images courtesy of Street Child NL

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