Help Movement on the Ground rebuild the Moria Refugee Camp


At the beginning of September, fires destroyed the Moria refugee camp in Greece, leaving over 13.000 people without shelter. Camp Moria, originally designed for under 3000 people, is Europe’s largest refugee camp and one of the most densely populated. Before the fire, the residents of Camp Moria were already dealing with a lockdown after one resident tested positive for COVID-19.

Photo: Movement on the Ground

The fires destroyed the camp and the surrounding areas and over 13.000 were left not only without shelter but also without proper hygiene facilities, food and water. The Netherlands based humanitarian organisation Movement on the Ground has been working hard for the past month to restore living conditions around Camp Moria and provide camp residents with the dignity they deserve.

So far, Movement on the Ground, along with other organisations, has managed to build a temporary living space for 5000 people and provide sleeping bags and essential items to many others. They are also working on building a temporary camp that will host 10.000 people and provide services such as education and community building. Still, there is a lot more work to be done. With winter fast approaching, residents of Camp Moria need better shelters, food distribution and winter protection. Movement on the Ground is still in the field and doing their best to provide these to the residents, but they need help and more resources. You can support the refugee residents of Camp Moria by donating to Movement on the Ground below. A 10E donation means water and food for two people and a 50E donation can mean three sleeping bags or two tents for temporary shelter.

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