New Mexico elects all women of color to the House of Representatives

Aside from the obvious one, the United States 2020 presidential election has brought on many wins for the future of the US and for humanity at large. Follow along this series to learn about the people who made history in the elections and to find more reasons for celebration.

After 5 gruelling days with all the world’s eyes on the United States, Democratic party candidate Joe Biden has won the presidential race, defeating Donald Trump. His running mate Kamala Haris became the first woman, the first black woman and the first woman of Indian descent to be elected vice president

By all means, there is still so much wrong with the US and world politics at large, but for a moment we get to bask in the good news. To prolong the feelings of hope and energise us to take action, we will be sharing more good news regarding people who have been recently elected or appointed to serve the people of the US.

“The people of New Mexico have chosen to protect what we love – our democracy, our planet, our families and communities, our health care and our future.”

New Mexico elects all women of colour to the House of Representatives

Following the 2020 presidential election, New Mexico became the second state to send an all women of colour delegation to the House of Representatives in United States history. The first state to ever elect a delegation of only women of colour was Hawaii in 1990.

Representatives Deb Haaland, Yvette Herrell and Teresa Leger Fernandez were elected into office by the people of New Mexico to represent the state's three districts.

Representing New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District is Leger Fernandez who is the first woman and first Latina woman to ever represent New Mexico’s Northern District. Fernandez is an attorney passionate about women and indigenous people’s rights, immigration and the environment. Upon her victory, Fernandez shared on Twitter: “The people of New Mexico have chosen to protect what we love – our democracy, our planet, our families and communities, our health care and our future.”

Republican candidate Yvette Herrel was elected to represent New Mexico’s ‘nd Congressional District. Herrell is a member of the Cherokee Nation and identifies as the conservative voice of New Mexico. 

For the state's 1st Congressional District, Deb Haaland won the race against her Republican opponent. A vocal activist on indigenous people’s rights and environmental justice, Haaland was one of the first Native-American congresswomen. Haaland said she’s committed to “fighting for legislation that will guide our nation forward in the areas of climate change, education, racial equality, healthcare and economic justice”.

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