Organic Goat Milk for Refugees from Ukraine

We recently came together with the company Pure Goat and the charity Christian Refugee Relief to deliver one palette of organic goat milk to displaced parents with babies. The organic goat milk functions as a follow-on formula to provide babies with much-needed nutrients.

Organic Goat Milk from Dutch farmers
If there is one thing the last decade has made us aware of it is the difficulties, obstacles, and challenges that refugees face when fleeing their countries. The recent attacks on Ukraine are just another example of this. According to recent estimates around 2million Ukrainians have already been internationally displaced.

When hearing news of ‘displaced people’ and ‘refugees’ it is easy to forget the experiences and challenges they all face on a personal level. One example of this is families with young children. Imagine being a young parent fleeing a country with little to no belongings while also trying to provide healthy food opportunities for your baby or toddler. It almost seems impossible. And arriving at a shelter or camp might provide some security but it might not be easy to find viable options for your children’s health and nutrition intake.

Recently, Kinder and Pure Goat came together to support parents with young children who have had to flee the crisis in Ukraine. Together with the help of the charity Christian Refugee Relief, we distributed one pallet of organic goat milk, specifically suitable for infants older than 10 months. This palette is currently on its way to the Ukraine where it will be distributed to families who will benefit from giving this to their children.

Pure Goat
Pure Goat approached us with the request to help them find a charity they could donate one palette of their organic goat milk to. Shortly after this, the attacks on Ukraine happened and we knew who our target group was going to be. 

Lisa van der Cruijsen, Product Manager at Pure Goat, says:

The Pure Goat Company sympathizes with all men, women, and children in Ukraine. All of a sudden their warm homes became part of a war zone. Unfortunately, we are not able to change the situation but what we can do is contribute a tiny bit by donating a follow-on formula for the local Ukrainian children. We are very thankful to have this opportunity to work with Kinder”.

Nathan Dumlao

In the past days, we have seen an incredible amount of people stepping up and wanting to do their part. However, sometimes it is best to let the organisations with expertise and experience take the lead. They are usually established and have the infrastructure to work a lot more effectively. The Polish government, for example, has asked people to go through official relief channels, rather than starting their own projects. “One of the main priorities for the provision of assistance is its effectiveness in reaching the largest possible group of people in need and meeting their specific needs as efficiently as possible, taking into account the dynamics of the conflict itself and the situation of the people affected, as well as optimising the resources and reducing the costs of the assistance provided”.

Christian Refugee Relief
The CRR Foundation is an expert in all things refugees and displaced people. They regularly collect, organise and distribute relevant and important goods to different refugee camps. The CRR Foundation believed where political action was lacking, a more practical approach was necessary to provide aid to refugees in vulnerable situations. This created the balance between aid transports to meet basic needs and targeted projects to improve living conditions. Their mission is to help with relief and emergency aid to ease border crossings and arrivals of refugees.

Due to the experience gained in the past decade, we are excited to connect the palettes of Goat milk to the CRR Foundation. They were able to quickly adapt their work and send several aid transporters to Ukraine and neighboring countries. Additionally, CRR aid workers will be on site to assess the situation for possible support with coordination of the right relief supplies. The donated Pure Goat cans have been sent off in one of the transporters and are currently on their way to Ukraine. 

In the upcoming days, we will be following the load of goat milk and will make sure to update you on any important developments.

The charities we work with
Kinder has a unique vetting system that makes it easy for donors to trust the charities partnered with Kinder. If you want to financially support charities helping civilians in Ukraine, donate to our United Action for Ukraine. 

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