The secret to saving our oceans is to work together

We all remember that infamous turtle with the plastic straw video from a few years ago. It was an important part of the early stages of the movement to end plastic pollution in the oceans. The campaign had a lot of impact since then but plastic isn’t the only thing that’s killing our oceans. To save the oceans and all the living things dependant on it, we need to do so much more.

The ocean is a delicate ecosystem where all the organisms live in balance. When something from the outside threatens one single part of this balance it endangers the whole ecosystem. 

Currently, there are many threats to ocean life. Yes, plastic is one of them but it’s not the only one. Overfishing threatens fish populations and all the other microorganisms dependent on them. Agricultural runoff, waste disposal and many other kinds of pollution caused by humans leave oceans bare all over the world. The climate crisis is heating the waters to the point of no return. Disasters like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill do irreparable damage and destroy not only marine life but also the lives of people who depend on the oceans for their livelihood.

Stopping all of these threats, saving our living oceans require us to come together under this goal. The problems and threats are numerous, they might seem large and unconquerable to just one, but when many of us work together we have a chance to turn it around.
This is why we created our Save the Oceans United Action. We brought organisations that approach saving our oceans from different angles so that when they are together it becomes one big solution. All of the organisations we picked excel at their work and are highly transparent and effective. If you would like to donate to a comprehensive solution to the destruction of our oceans you can donate to it below. Your donation will support all organisations in the United Action.

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