Wanna solve the world’s biggest problems? Give young people a chance


Contrary to popular opinion, statistics are rarely boring. Some of them can actually knock you off your perceptions and grant you entirely new perspectives on the world. 

Consider these numbers. The total world population is around 7,7 billion. Over half of them is under 30. 1 out of every 4 people on the planet is between the ages of 15-24 (1.8 billion people). 9 out of 10 of these young people live in developing countries. Around half live on less than $2 a day.

Support these young people so that they can lead in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges by donating to Kinder-vetted charity Restless Development via our widget 👇

Wanna hear some more facts and numbers before you decide to donate? Here they are.

There are six countries where the average age of the population is getting younger. Five of them are in Africa. By 2050, 1 out of every 3 young people in the world will be African.

What these numbers show, among many other things, is that the involvement of young activists, especially from developing countries, will be pivotal to end poverty, reduce inequality and combat climate change. In other words, without empowering the youth, we can’t even dream of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals on time. Thing is, we’re supposed to achieve those Goals by 2030 but we’re lagging behind.

To accelerate the pace of progress, a group of organisations, including Kinder-vetted charity Restless Development, launched “The Youth Power Panel,” a global initiative that brings together high-flying youth activists from around the world with the aim of starting a conversation on how young people can help reach the Goals.

Wanna know how they want to do that? Let's take the example of Natalie Robi Tingo, one of the 12 activists composing the Panel. With her community-based organization, she’s campaigning for sexual reproductive health rights in rural Kenya. Aiming at influencing policy and investments at a county level, she has already mobilized more than 50,000 community members with community dialogues, rallies and marches throughout the years.  

“The Goals unite humanity’s problems and its solutions - and they unite our fate,” says Natalie Robi Tingo in regard to the Youth Power Panel, “We need to unite to achieve them, which is why this panel has come together. I call on all young people in my country to join us and together we will help bring youth activism to bear to achieve the Global Goals. Our campaign is just beginning.”

From poverty eradication to climate change awareness, the 12 activists of the Youth Power Panel are tackling today's (and tomorrow's...) most urgent challenges. Their grassroots campaigns are creating actual and impactful change but they need your help to be amplified and go even further. 

💡 Supporting the Youth Power Panel means help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals which means...saving the world, I guess. One of the easiest ways to do so is by donating to Restless Development, the organisation behind the Youth Power Panel. We carefully vetted their work and we can guarantee that it's top notch, especially when it comes to transparency & accountability

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