5 Newsletters that will improve your life in one way or another

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Here’s a challenge. Go through the people you follow on Instagram, retweet on Twitter and even your friend list on Facebook, chances are you will have at least one person in there who has a newsletter, or “is thinking about starting one”.

Over the past 10 years, newsletters first stopped being a tool used mostly by companies to deliver boring updates to a means of communication that is deliberately slower and more in-depth used by everyone. You can find newsletters written by anyone on any subject. From a newsletter that analyses horror films and romantic comedies by pairing them, to one dedicated to getting rid of ugly stock photos, you can find newsletters on anything that interests you.

Unlike the endless scrolling of social media feeds that are often filled with content that we didn’t necessarily sign up for, newsletters provide curated content you’re happy to receive. However, compared to interesting accounts to follow on Instagram, they’re harder to find. 

And since we end up investing more time into reading a newsletter, you want to find a few select ones that improve your life be it financial advice, a good chuckle, some interesting information or encouragement to make some changes.

To save you the time from googling “top 5 newsletters” and being bombarded with irrelevant content, we curated a varied list of newsletters from Kinder’s own vaults.

1. Heated
Heated is a newsletter about the climate crisis. Written by scientist Emily Atkin, the newsletter “expose[s] and explain[s] the forces behind past and present in action on the most existential threat of our time”. If you sign up, you’ll receive thoughtful reporting and analysis on climate every morning from Monday to Thursday. If there’s one climate change newsletter you should subscribe to it’s this one.

2. Something I Saw
Something I Saw is what I’d call an inspiration newsletter. Sent out by American curator and writer Kimberly Drew, the newsletter focuses on Black and Indigenous artists and it’s a great place to discover art you otherwise wouldn’t know of.

3. Milkshake
Sick of the constant barrage of bad news and doom scrolling? Milkshake might just be the newsletter you’re looking for. It’s a newsletter dedicated to “finding the good in everything”. When you sign up, you’ll receive stories about people, products, initiatives, services, events and companies that are doing good for the people, planet and profits.

4. Read This Thing
The concept behind Read This Thing is simple: one great piece of journalism, in your inbox, every day. No ads, no stakeholders. Read This Thing is an effective way to find quality journalism without having to skim hundreds of sources.

5. The Kinder Newsletter
We left the best for last (we might be a little biased). If you want an easy, accessible path into doing good, better - supporting influential charitable organisations -  our biweekly newsletter is a great starting point. Every two weeks, you’ll receive a newsletter with one or two stories on the most urgent issues our society faces, and more importantly, ways to become a part of the solution. You can sign up for it here

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