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At least 135 people have been killed and over 5000 injured in two massive explosions in Lebanon’s capital city Beirut this Tuesday, 3rd of August. Hundreds of people are reported missing. Over 300.000 may have been left homeless

The explosions happened at Beirut’s central port area. The cause of the explosions is still unclear, yet Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab explained the investigation will focus on the large amount of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive substance, that was stored in a warehouse in the area.

International non-profit organisation Human Rights Watch called for an independent investigation. 

“Given the Lebanese authorities’ repeated failure to investigate serious government failings and the public’s distrust of government institutions, an independent investigation with international experts is the best guarantee that victims of the explosion will get the justice they deserve,” said Aya Majzoub a Human Rights Watch Researcher.

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Lebanon is currently going through the worst economic crisis it has seen since the country’s last civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990. Prior to the explosion, people of Beirut had to deal with a lack of accessible healthcare, drinking water and daily power cuts. Add to that, the COVID-19 pandemic, the explosions couldn’t have come at a worse time for Lebanon.

Hospitals in Beirut are already underfunded, understaffed and overcrowded. Beirut’s health ministry has stated that a large number of medical supplies alongside food supplies were destroyed in the explosion. 

For the people of Lebanon, the government's inability to prevent the explosion and its incompetence in dealing with the consequences is the last straw in a long-lasting period of corruption. Lebanese activists are asking people who would like to help to support local organisations instead of the government since they don't trust the officials to use the donations with the people's best interest in mind.

Currently, a lot of people are donating to immediate relief organisations. It's great to see people coming together to help those under urgent threat. However, Lebanon also needs the funds and the support to strengthen their communities from the ground up, protect Lebanese people's rights and get back the strength to stand up to their corrupt government and take their country back. The best way to do this is by supporting organisations that work locally who know exactly what the people need.

If you would like to show solidarity and help people of Beirut you can donate to our Beirut appeal. Your donations will support the 6 trustworthy Kinder vetted organisations below.

Nusaned is a community based humanitarian organisation based in Beirut. They work with local communities in Lebanon to create sustainable solutions to problems like food insecurity, housing crisis, economic distress and unemployment.

The Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering RDFL
The Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering is an organisation that promotes gender equality in Lebanon. Women and children suffer the most in crisis situations like the one Beirut is currently going through. Organisations like The Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering provide women with education, advocates for their rights and protects them.

PAX for Peace
Pax for Peace is an international non-profit organisation that strives to protect civilians against acts of war, to end armed violence, and to bring peace to the world. The organisation is active in Lebanon.

Sounds of Change
Sounds of Change is an organisation that trains changemakers through music so they can become the leaders to help their communities. They work with local people who know the best for their communities. In Lebanon, they work in refugee camps and with marginalised groups.

Embrace Lebanon
Embrace is a non-profit organisation working to raise awareness about mental health in Lebanon. Alongside other great projects, they run the national emotional support and suicide prevention helpline in Lebanon.

Lebanon Needs
Lebanon Needs is an organisation that provides sustainable healthcare solutions for impoverished people in Lebanon. Their interventions are based on a holistic approach, they tackle healthcare housing and food.

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