Drunk philanthropy is the new drunk texting

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In this article, we’ll show you how you can turn your drunkest nights into precious acts of philanthropy. Drunk texting and drunk shopping are fine, but drunk philanthropy is even better.

Here at Kinder, we know the feeling all too well, we believe most of you are familiar with it too. It’s Sunday morning, and you wake up around midday with a massive hangover. You went out the night before and had way too many drinks.

All of a sudden, a terrifying suspicion starts making its way into your head. You frantically reach out to your phone as the vague suspicion becomes a solid certainty. You did it again. You drunk-texted all your former girlfriends (or boyfriends) and your family WhatsApp group. And what’s worse, you sent the texts (and pictures and voice messages) meant for the former to the latter.

Or maybe the situation is not that desperate. If you prefer food to human beings, the consequences of your drunk texting might be slightly less damaging.
Here, for example, is a remarkable instance of food-related drunk texting that took place between two of Kinder’s editors.

And that wasn't an exception. Three months later, the same editors had another food-related and alcohol-fueled digression on the best toppings you can put on your pizza.

However embarrassing drunk texting might be, its consequences are usually pretty limited. After all, you only wrote some weird things to a bunch of people in the middle of the night. They’ll just have a laugh the morning after.

But things can get more serious if you skip WhatsApp and Facebook and head, for example, for a food-delivery app. There, your drunk-texting will evolve into drunk-buying, something that'll potentially have a huge impact on your wallet. When you’re drunk-buying, you don’t just confide in your best friend about your love for different pizza toppings, but you actually order an XXL pizza with double olives, red onions, tomatoes, and anchovies.

And if food isn't enough, you can always go to Amazon or eBay and start a drunk-shopping marathon that will drain your wallet to the last cent. The day after, your hangover-induced sleep will be abruptly interrupted by a delivery guy who has already brought you, in less than 12 hours, a set of 100 mini plastic top-hats for toadsa cardboard cutout of Nicholas Cagethe world’s largest Gummy Bear, and a shower curtain with a cosmic cat on it.

These are all great purchases that will surely help you lead a better and more fulfilling life; however, there is an even more powerful way to dispose of your money when you're feeling particularly generous: Drunk philanthropy.

How does it work?

Imagine if, instead of finding weird gadgets of dubious utility at your doorstep, you could wake up the night after a colossal bender to realize that you just donated 100 anti-malaria nets to a rural community in Africa, or that you just provided 1000 deworming tablets to children in need.

Not only you would have no regrets, but you would actually feel quite satisfied with yourself.  Yes, you got hammered, but at the same time, you helped a lot of people worldwide. Yes, you spent some money, but you actually spent it on worthy causes.

In a way, drunk philanthropy couples the best aspects of drunk texting and drunk shopping. When you’re drunk texting, you feel more extroverted than usual and more prone to connect with other fellow human beings, be them your family, friends or (former) partners. Drunk philanthropy helps you do the same just at a bigger scale, allowing you to meaningfully connect with thousands of human beings thanks to your donations. There’s no need for mushy messages: a well-informed donation will do much better.

When you’re drunk, you also feel more generous than average enabling you to make impactful donations. For example, come back here after a few well-deserved weekend cocktails to see what a huge impact you can make with a donation to Amref Flying Doctors 👇 

But how can you be sure that you're donating to the right causes? After all, that's the whole point of drunk shopping: buying stuff that it's utterly useless. What will prevent you from donating 100 bucks to the Global Nuclear Proliferation Group or the Reinvent the Wheel Club?

That's the gap the Kinder widget bridges.

Our widget makes donations to charitable organisations easy, transparent, and accountable again.

On our smart tools, you’ll find only organisations that we have assessed according to our vetting framework and are therefore promoted as reliable and effective. There's no risk of donating your hard-earned cash to ineffective NGOs. Only the best-of-class will make it into our tools. 

Thanks to the Kinder widget and app, you’ll be able to donate your money to dozens of highly effective charitable organisations.

For example, you can help stop the vicious cycle of depression in Africa by donating to Ugandan charity Strongminds 👇

Or you can support United Painting in their efforts to use art as an effective vehicle for social cohesion and change 👇

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