Feeling blue this holiday season? Help others to feel better

Your moment
This year, a lot of us aren’t able to spend time with our families because of the COVID-19 crisis. I’m not going to tell you to suck it up because others have it worse. No matter what your situation is, it’s not a great feeling to be away from your loved ones and suffering is not a competition.

However, there are some things that make me, and I think a lot of others too, feel better. There is compelling scientific evidence that helping others makes you feel better. You can volunteer (which might be tricky nowadays), help those around you or donate to great causes if you can afford to. 
These days, I especially think a lot about people who have been forced to leave their homes for reasons like civil war, political unrest and unjust structures. According to UNHCR, there are 26.2 million refugees in the world as of mid-2020. Most of these people don’t know when they will be able to return home, if ever. The majority of them live in refugee camps that have less than desirable conditions for people to live in long term.
If you’d like to donate to support people living in refugee camps this holiday season you can donate to our Displaced People United Action. Your donation will support multiple charities helping refugees chosen by our research team based on our in-house vetting. All of the organisations in our United Action are amongst the most transparent and effective in solving this problem. Click here to donate and learn more about the organisations in the United Action.

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