Give the best gift to your loved ones without leaving your house

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This holiday season is a strange one. You might have to spend it with fewer people than normal, away from your family and inside your house. Same goes with gifts for your loved ones. For some, it’s still possible to go outside for holiday shopping, but for others, shops are closed.

Next best thing available is online shopping but everyone has the same idea. Postal companies are having their busiest year ever and shipping is most definitely delayed for a lot of them. So, if you haven’t ordered your gifts weeks before there’s a high chance you won’t be getting them on time for the holidays. 
Yes, it’s not ideal to have to spend the holidays this way and stress about gifts. But let’s look at it from a positive perspective, most of the gifts people get on holidays, they can do without. The holiday consumption craze is bad for the planet. So, why not turn it around with gifts that will help make the world a better place? This year, as holiday gifts, make donations in your loved one's names.

To save you from the hassle of looking for transparent and effective organisations and the best solutions to world problems we created Kinder United Actions. An United Action is a collection of top organisations from our research database, all focused on solving the same problem. When you donate to one, your donation is divided between all organisations in the United Action. This way you support many different solutions.
So, what is the cause the person you’re gifting a donation is the most passionate about? Are they a strong-willed feminist? Passionate about helping refugees? Want to save the turtles?

UIf you’re not sure or this is a gift for someone you don’t know that well, why not pick the COVID-19 Relief United Action? Helping people suffering from the crisis is something we can all agree about. 
But that’s not it, we have many more. You can learn more about the organisations in the United Actions and donate by clicking on the images or discover all of our United Actions for the most urgent problems our society faces here

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