Pineapple leather is the future of sustainable fashion

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Whether you are an avid supporter of animal welfare, a fierce fashionista, living a green life or none of the above, pineapple leather is something worth getting excited about.

We all know someone who claims to live a sustainable lifestyle which only ends up extending to their eating habits. When looking down at their feet they still brandish leather shoes or accessorize with a leather purse.

Being vegetarian myself and having had conversations about this topic several times I have heard the typical excuses numerous times: "Leather is just such great material and it's just one little thing" or "It's just so difficult to live a completely vegan lifestyle." 

Pineapple leather can help you take that sustainable lifestyle even further. It is made from waste pineapple leaves that are usually left to rot. Fibres from these leaves are extracted, chopped up and then layered before they go through an industrial process, and eventually produce Piñatex.


The benefits are clear. Pineapple leather provides an alternative to animal leathers, so more pineapple leather = fewer animals’ lives. Where animal leather produces around 25 percent waste, pineapple leather produces only 5 percent. Most importantly, it is kind on the wallet too: pineapple leather is cheaper to produce (20 Euros per square metre) than animal skin (about 30 euros). 

The makers of pineapple leather are already in collaboration with high street brands. Both Camper and Puma have already sampled the material and other exciting collections are already in stock on a number of online stores. 

Here's to seeing more of Piñatex on the market! Check them out here.

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