The Charity Zone brings organisations together for a Kinder World

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Charitable organisations, charities, non-profit organisations, non-governmental entities, help make the world a better place. It’s easy to watch them from afar and applaud their efforts, but people often don’t realise the hardships these organisations go through to be able to serve our society.

Most charitable organisations do great work with the often limited resources they have, but their operations and the charitable sector at large has the potential to improve greatly with some outside help.

This is where the Kinder’s Charity Zone comes in. Today we launch our Charity Zone to take some of the weight off of charitable organisations’ shoulders. The Charity Zone is an online platform where organisations can log in to access research about their organisation and the charitable sector in general, supplemented with custom advice and resources on the areas they are lagging behind in.

The Charity Zone currently holds insight on over 3500 charitable organisations our research team has vetted according to our specially designed vetting framework. For our analysis, we only use information that is available to the public, that is, the information on the organisations’ websites. The reason for this is simple: we represent the most meticulous donor who carefully investigates organisations they are donating to. Transparency and access to information are key. 

Organisations who join the Charity Zone can see their results, benchmarked against others in their field, read the advice we specifically prepare for them, find resources for improvement, create a profile where they can seamlessly gather donations and, best of all, get access to all our effective fundraising tools.

On top of their research results, advice and a Kinder approved profile they can use to gather donations, organisations who join the Charity Zone get access to our editorial team at Kinder. Our editorial platform Kinder World is going strong and working along with the Charity Zone. Our aim is to showcase high-scoring charities in our system and help tell their stories to millions of global citizens concerned with the state of the world.

By signing up to the Charity Zone organisations get access to insight, benchmarked data about their position in the sector, custom advice, new tech to easily raise funds, and a new audience who are invested in their stories and updates.

Through our three-pillar system of research, tech-for-good, and storytelling, Kinder helps organisations increase their impact, lifts up the entire sector and empowers concerned citizens to take action and make informed donation choices. 

Organisations are already signing up to the brand new Charity Zone to explore their results, utilise our advice and start gathering donations. We invite all charitable organisations to join us so we can make the world a kinder place, together. Sign-up to the Charity Zone for free and start your Kinder journey in three simple steps.

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