Zero waste, all the fun. Check out Amsterdam’s waste-free festival

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If you were inspired by Jas and Morgana’s 30-day Zero Waste Challenge, check out Puur Pampus — the first ever off-grid waste festival!

From Kinder World’s 30-day Zero Waste Challenge, we quickly learnt that living a zero-waste lifestyle can be challenging. But we also learnt that there are many others carrying out the same journey and can support us in our endeavour.

One such place we might meet these people and become inspired is Puur Pampus: an off-the-grid festival carried out on a man-made island just half an hour from Amsterdam. The two-day festival is full to the brim with influential speakers, activities and food stalls that’ll encourage and inspire us to live more sustainably while having a great time.

Speakers will include the organisation Clean2Antartica, who are carrying out an expedition to Antarctica on a vehicle made up of waste plastic and solar panels, and Arthur van de Graaf who is the man behind Sublime Doing, the organisation focused on starting up new sustainable projects.

Puur Pampus is a cool new initiative that celebrates the waste-free lifestyle inspiring us to look at waste with a whole new perspective. If you can, check it out this weekend! You can find more information on the festival here.

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