How Kinder helps charities become more impactful, effective and knowledge-driven

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Just like their for-profit counterparts, even more so, not-for-profit organisations need analysis and consultancy. However, unlike for-profit companies, charitable organisations often lack the resources to be able to afford external entities conducting research for them and giving them advice on how to improve. Especially for smaller organisations with not a lot of time and money to spare, making external research consultancy a regular practice can be very costly and can take away from other, more urgent needs. 

Kinder is here to fill in this gap in the charitable sector. We analyse charitable organisations based on the Kinder Vetting Framework we’ve built with the help of Impact Center Erasmus and give them bespoke advice on how to improve based on their results. We don’t charge organisations for this service, all an organisation needs to do to start using our services is to sign up to our Charity Zone.

We analyse charitable organisations using our own vetting framework for four reasons: to provide the organisation with an outside perspective on their efforts, to benchmark them against others working in the same area, to advise them on how to improve, and to inform the public about the efforts of these organisations. We see research as a big catalyst in improving the charitable sector and people’s trust in it.

Our vetting is done by a dedicated team of specially trained volunteers and overseen by our research team, professionals with an extensive background in research and the charitable sector. Our team vets organisations on a rolling basis to keep up with both their efforts and the improvements in the sector. All of the insight that we gather from our continuous analysis, we share with organisations.

For example, if we can’t find evidence that an organisation has employed a strong thinking model for strategic planning, that organisation would score low on the ‘Causal Chain’ section of our analysis. When they go to their profile to check their results however, they won’t only see their score but also our advice on the benefits of using a thinking model. On top of the advice, they will get access to Kinder’s step by step guide to the Theory of Change model.

The nature of our analysis is to make charitable organisations’ work as efficient as possible, their fundraising as cost-efficient as possible, their image in the public eye as excellent as possible and their projects as visible as possible. 

We have already vetted over 2000 organisations. This means we have insight into a lot of them. We use this insight to benchmark each organisation against others in the same field they are working in. This information, just like their results, is shared with the organisations so they can develop an understanding of their place within the sector. In the future, we are going to connect organisations with each other so they can share their expertise and lift each other up.

If you’re a charitable organisation and want to get a free analysis, custom advice, innovative donation tools and extend the reach of your stories by joining the Kinder ecosystem, all you have to do is sign up to our Charity Zone. Let’s make the world a kinder place.

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