Interview with Mathys about Kinder Donations (in Dutch)

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This week Mathys was interviewed for 7ditches TV about his new project, Kinder Donations.
"What Tinder is for dating, Kinder is for donating."

As mentioned in the end of the interview, Kinder is launching with the corporate solution. This enables companies to flip the process for their charitable efforts. Instead of having the top decision makers decide to which charity the yearly donations go, Kinder enables the organizations to empower the employees in making that decision. Employees get a monthly budget and can swipe that to the good causes they feel most connected to.

"Happy employees make better employees."

If you want to learn more on the effect of CSR on employees check the reference below.

If you want to learn more about the app and how this can benefit your company, please contact us for a presentation, set a meeting with Mathys or sign up for our newsletter.

"A recent global survey of 1,122 corporate executives suggests CEOs perceived that businesses benefit from CSR because it increases attractiveness to potential and existing employees (Economist, 2008: 13). A French poll on CSR indicated that employees were seen as the most important stakeholder group toward whom corporations have to exercise their social responsibility (Humière & Chauveau, 2001: 183-193)." - Corporate Social Responsibility Influence on Employees

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