Kinder raises €2.1M to simplify effective donations

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We're taking the next step in our mission to empower global citizens and charitable organisations to do good, better

Great news!

In the middle of the global pandemic we managed to raise 525K in additional funds on our latest funding round. I personally joined a group of three of our angel investors who all believe in our mission to make the world a kinder place wholeheartedly.

With the latest round, this brings our total amount raised to €2.1M raised to date.

This new funds will enable us to expand our charitable organisation network as well as accelerate our product development for our innovative fundraising tools. We will use the money raised to focus on the development of the Kinder Appeals and Kinder Fundraisers platforms. These platforms will allow users to donate towards effectively solving society's most urgent problems and organise fundraisers to maximise their support. 

We help people identify organisations who are best equipped to tackle the most pressing societal issues. By providing context around a topic, presenting solutions and offering direct ways to contribute to the most efficient causes, we answer the famous question “what can I do to help?” in an accessible way.

We have over 2,500 vetted organisations from all over the world in our database, all analysed against our custom vetting framework to ensure all donations end up with effective organisations. Through our online knowledge platform and digital fundraising tools, we're going to increase private donations across the sector and help charitable organisations become more effective.

With the cancellation of in-person fundraising events, organisations are now forced to move their fundraising online. Our online platform provides a space for seamless digital fundraising and helps these organisations become more effective, both on an operational and a fundraising level.

We believe that online fundraising will be at the forefront of the post-pandemic charitable sector. That’s why we help organisations change the way they raise funds and nudge them to do it more effectively. We are super excited to continue to become the single destination for effective giving and empower both the citizens and the organisations across the world to do good better. 

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