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Help us find the kinder experts to nominate charitable causes for our Kinder app.

Some facts about charitable causes, on average:

  • 75% of the time a charity or charitable cause is spending on fundraising.
  • 20% of the yearly budget go back to marketing.
  • The first 8 months of donations from a donor which came from street marketing is the actual fee for the street marketing agency.

Other outcome (published Dutch research) shows the main reasons why people are not donating to charitable causes:

16% of the interviewed people stated that they don't know which organizations to trust.
14% does not know how to assess the effectiveness of the organizations and 13% states that they can not choose from the vast amount of causes they come accross

So on the one side we see charitable causes struggling in getting funds and therefor spending a lot of money on marketing and other things which are not the reason they started their organizations. On the other side we see a big disconnect between the charitable causes and the donors. The much needed circle of trust is dissolving.

At Kinder we believe we can help the organizations and people to regain trust. But for that we need expert help.


We are looking for a team of experts. Individuals with knowledge about charitable causes and making real impact. People with a track record and network.

We will ask these experts to nominate and evaluate the charitable causes the Kinder team finds before we populate the Kinder app/database.

We're very actively looking for experts in the following fields:

  1. Human Rights
  2. Animals
  3. Arts, Culture & Humanities
  4. Community Development
  5. Education
  6. Environment
  7. Health
  8. Human & Civil Rights
  9. International Development & Peace
  10. Research & Public Policy
  11. Children
  12. Sports 

How can you help?

Do you know anyone who:

  • is a known advocate about one of the above topics
  • has proven track record on their topic
  • wants to advance raising funds for their topic 

If you want to nominate one or more people, please use the form below.

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