The future of fundraising is online with Kinder

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Gathering data on global giving is quite the feat, giving trends change from region to region, they change with world events (i.e. natural disasters, humanitarian crises), and they change from one demographic to another. However, across all of the reports we’ve had a chance to examine, there was one common element that was impossible to miss all over geographies, times, and demographics: the fact that online giving is on an extreme increase. 

It became clear to us that the majority of people from all over the world no matter their age, the causes they care about, or the size of their donations, prefer to donate online and are more likely to actually go through with their donations when given easy to use donating tools. We do so much of our daily tasks online, it only makes sense that we would want to do our giving the same way.

 Numerous organisations have the option to donate through their website but too often it’s confusing and clunky. Media platforms talk about the needs of the charitable sector but their audience doesn’t know what to do after reading about the problems. People want to start fundraisers for causes they care about and move others around them to join in, but there isn’t a central place they can all of it. We developed our smart fundraising tools to satisfy this exact need in the sector. 

The first of our smart fundraising solutions, allows people to follow the development of charitable organisations, get information about their projects and contribute to their efforts with recurring or one-off donations. All charitable organisations who sign up to our Charity Zone and pass our basic analysis get to publish their profile and start receiving donations.

Another one of our fundraising solutions is the Kinder Widget. The widget is a smart tool anyone can easily add to a website, article, blog-post or a news story. Using the widget as simple as adding a YouTube video into your article, anyone can use it to start raising funds with no technical experience necessary. 

With the Kinder Widget, news publications, magazines, even personal blogs will be able to connect the stories they write to organisations their audience can donate to help out. The widget is easy-to-use for organisations and publications, but more importantly, for the potential donors. It offers them a simple and safe way to contribute to bettering the world.

Following the Charity Profile and the Kinder Widget are more smart donation tools. My Kinder World is a platform for donors where they can have a donor profile, get detailed insight on charitable organisations and follow their progress, connect to other donors, organise fundraisers and find many other ways to support the organisations they care about.

To join Kinder as a charitable organisation and get access to our smart fundraising tools, as well as our free analysis and editorial efforts, all you have to do is sign up to our Charity Zone in three simple steps. Let’s make the world a Kinder place together.

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