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We are working with a very dedicated team on Kinder. It started as a small idea. I'll tell you a bit of the backstory.

Ever since Tag The Love as a platform technology matured, Mobypicture started sponsoring charitable organisations. The technology helps brands and organisations to regain control of the online conversation and provides them with their owned media platform.

The first platform we gave away for free was the one for the annual fundraiser Serious Request organised by the popular 3FM radio station.

"Over 40% of all the money raised for Serious Request over the last five years online were donated via the 'Tag The Love'-platform" - Kris Sloot ( 3FM )

If it worked that well, it would be unfair to keep it from a lot of passionate organisations trying to do good in the world. We started to give this technology away for free.

Below you find a selection of all the organisations we aided in their mission:

I always decided to sponsor an organisation with my gut. Our technology can help these organisations with their important work, so why the hell not?! 

But along the way I found out more about the charitable sector and the way money is raised. Often not that efficient or sustainable at all!

And on top of that I also stumbled upon many examples of organisations not always making the best decisions with the money they raised and that is where the ideas for Kinder slowly started to grow.

Charitable organisations on average spend 75% of their time on fundraising and 20% of the yearly budget on marketing.

Basically Kinder is on a grand mission to disrupt the world of doing good. 
Having kind intentions is not enough.

We want to restore trust in the charitable sector by making donating easier, more effective, and more rewarding, ultimately nudging charitable organisations towards improving their performance.

"I want to fix the world's problems smarter, faster and together." - every single Kinder team member


It will start with the launch of the media platform Kinder World.

Kinder World is our platform to reach the public with inspiring articles about the needs of the world. We’ll give you stories that show problemssolutions, and what’s your role in all of this. You’ll be surprised to discover the tremendous impact that you can immediately start making on your own and other people’s lives.

The goal of Kinder World is to empower people to instantly act and let them experience how world-improvement is the best form of self-improvement.

The Kinder World platform is only step 1 in our elaborate plan. We're building very innovative tools which will allow you to play your role in saving the world.

Read more about it here.

We're very proud of the editorial team headed by Davide and of course of the design team headed by Koen and Koen :) and last but not least Bram for another amazing Tag The Love upgrade, a giant leap towards the future of publishing. 🙌🏻

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