All refugees matter! Whether you White it or not

The following escape story is just one of thousands currently playing out at border crossings out of Ukraine.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainians are fleeing to neighboring countries. In the meantime, stories are surfacing about alarming racial discrimination facing those trying to escape at the borders of neighbouring countries. The following story is a call to all of us. From any race, ethnicity, nationality, and background, we are one entity, the humans of earth, and in a time of crisis, we need not lose sight of our humanity. We are equal, and some are [not] more equal than others. 

We preserve powerful stories to leave a better history and a kinder world for future generations. 

Here, is the call for our developing Ukraine United Action.

With a donation to this United Action you are supporting the top organisations trying to relief suffering for the casualties of the conflict.

Kinder distributes your donation amongst the top scoring help organisations and makes sure your support is as impactful as possible.

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