A food revolution is on its way


Dear friend,

I've been reading  Sapiens by  Yuval Noah Harari lately. And this chapter on the agricultural revolution got me thinking about how we treat animals. 

"A modern calf in an industrial farm. Immediately after birth a calf is separated from its mother and locked inside a tiny cage not much bigger than the calf's own body. There the calf spends its entire life — about four months on average. It never leaves its cage nor is it allowed to play with other calves or even walk."

All of this pain for a burger? Luckily, we have people trying to solve this without us giving up on tasty burgers. This biotech startup promises that in three years we will have lab-grown meat ready to purchase in supermarkets. Another one invented this veggie burger that (fake) bleeds! They're backed by Bill Gates and the FDA just approved their main ingredient "heme", so I'm sure we'll be seeing these bleeding burgers around.

Looks delicious, right? It's 100 percent burger zero percent animal suffering. Maybe we're at the brink of another revolution, one where we don't inflict pain on other beings to feed ourselves but use science and technology instead.

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